Fun, creativity, curiosity and collaboration. These are the key ingredients in our envisioned sports culture. This is incorporated in a season with training sessions on a weekly basis (school holidays excepted) with the associated Game Days on Saturday from 10:15-11:15, where the game element can be developed. We have several trainers for different categories. Though all kids train together, where we devide the group in a way we see fit.

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1. Basics

Start small. First the grip, and the playful explanation about the game of squash. The rules, the lines, feeling with the ball, developing motor skills, learning to catch, throw and even kick a ball is important for the creativity and curiosity of you as an athlete.



3. Talent

It’s time to focus more on tactical elements of the game. Use the height and speed of the ball. We are now going to place the ball specifically. There is an entire front wall that can be used, but when should you hit the ball high and when a little lower on the wall? When to use speed, or slow the pace down. We’re going to investigate this.

2. Level-up

Now it’s time to develop your own style. Stay curious about this development and take responsibility for your growth. A greater foundation is laid for the footwork in combination with actually hitting the ball. At the end of this level you will have your own stroke and develop the corresponding movement.


4. Original

Amazing! You now have Original status, which means that you are not yet 18 years old and have completed all the previous groups. Congratulations! But we’re not there yet…
We are going to develop your game to a competition level for the A, B level. Your mental toughness is now going to demand even more of you. Can you deal with the pressure of playing matches? Do you remain constantly curious to improve yourself, even after a lost match or when the training sessions become more challenging.

investigate hidden talents!

Trainers Juniors




I am 20 years old and I moved to the Netherlands from Bulgaria to study at university and develop my squash skills. I discovered squash when I was 11 and it immediately become an inseparable part of my life. I am very happy with this journey of challenging myself and all of the nice people that I am meeting with playing and going to competitions.
It has been a pleasure to show and share this passion for squash with everyone in the Squash Originals!



I am a photographer and part-time nanny for three very nice families. Besides sports outdoors and travelling, I spend a lot of time on the squash court. Squash gives me fun, confidence and focus, and thanks to the workouts and the new connections I’ve made, it’s become a serious passion (and addiction)!

I prefer to spend my time in an environment where respect and cooperation are paramount, and where hidden talents can be discovered, deployed and developed. I am very happy to be part of the Squash Originals team!



I have been playing squash since I was 3 years old, and I also do my education at the PABO. So this is the ideal combination to unite my passion for squash and teaching children. It helps that I belong to the top of Europe in my age category and play nationally in the Dutch selection.